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Lima Anlima
When you should apply
Sensitive to sweets
if pain occurs while eating sweet foods, this is a sign of caries. While there is something to save - urgently contact your dentist.
Aching toothache
If you have constantly aching toothache book an appointment with a dentist
Bleeding gums
To stop the process of changes in the gums in time and prevent the disease means saving the teeth.
Setup a free consultation with a dentist.
Before the start of the examination, the doctor talks with the patient, interviews him, collects information about existing complaints, previous treatment, the presence of concomitant or systemic diseases, and possible contraindications for certain treatments. The task is to collect general information about the state of health.

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  • Medicana Atasehir
    Turkey, Istanbul
    A specialized multidisciplinary clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. Here are the following areas: aesthetic dentistry, implantology, endodontics and therapy, orthodontics, periodontics, surgery, pediatric dentistry
  • İstanbul Aesthetic
    Turkey, Istanbul
    Clinic of plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and dentistry in Turkey. Specialization: rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, hair transplant, Brazilian butt lift.
  • Estetik International
    Turkey, Istanbul
    This is a private multidisciplinary clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. She specializes in plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.
    The medical center accepts only adult patients.
  • Marmara Dent
    Turkey, Istanbul
    Marmara Dent is a popular dental clinic in Istanbul offering quality dental treatments with the latest technology to accommodate all dental needs of its guests and ensure their comfort at reasonable prices. The clinic serves with its professional dentists and staff strictly adhere to international dental standards, plus regulations implemented by the government.
  • 360 Dent
    Turkey, Istanbul
    360Dent is a trending international dental clinic performing high quality dental treatments, dental implants, veneers, dental aesthetics and smile design for its guests with their dedicated team of professional expert dentists. The clinic offers a safe environment for successful results in dental and smile aesthetic procedures with state-of-the-art modern dental treatment devices, high quality products.
  • Turkeyana clinic
    Turkey, Istanbul
    Turkeyana is one of the most popular aesthetics, beauty and hair transplant clinics in Istanbul. The clinic is located at the Atakoy Marina in the Bakirkoy district of the city, and offers wide range of aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, as well as hair transplant and obesity treatement. They use the latest technologies with their team of the most qualified experts and surgeons.
You don't pay for our services
Our main goal is to provide you with information about efficient and effective treatment options in Turkey. Our services are funded by medical institutions. You make all possible payments only to official accounts and at the cash desks of clinics.

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